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Bomb Spray: Killer Cover Scent & Deer Attractant

Redmond Bomb Spray scent & attractant helps you overcome a deer's keen sense of smell with an amazing cover scent that also draws deer in.


A whitetail deer’s nose has epic abilities. It’s wicked sense of smell makes it a deer’s best survival tool and coolest superpower. Case in point: Mississippi State University researchers found a deer’s smell is 500 to 1,000 times more acute than a human’s. It allows them to sense danger, find food, and sniff out other deer from a half a mile away or more in the right weather conditions.

So do bowhunters really have a chance at leveling the playing field and fooling a deer’s nose—especially when we ask deer to come within 10-20 yards of a stand? With the right precautions and hunting accessories, yes. Start by practicing scent control and intelligently playing the wind. Then grab a proven attractant and cover scent like Redmond Bomb Spray to up your hunting game.

Bomb spray cover scent and deer attractantWhat are Deer Scents & Attractants?

Let’s review a familiar scenario. You’re sitting in your stand when a mature shooter buck dips into the clearing below and stops. He lifts his head... then sniffs a rat and bolts before you can even raise your bow. You’ve been busted and it’s game over for harvesting that buck.

You went through an obsessive scent elimination routine and chose your location well, so what went wrong? This is a moment where a good cover scent in your hunting arsenal may have made the difference in bagging your buck or being sniffed out.

Cover scents and attractants help you overcome a deer’s incredible sense of smell with an enticing scent that masks your human one. Commercial scents come in smells deer are familiar with or peak curiosity, like deer urine, forest fragrances, or food-based aromas like acorns and apples.

There are a lot of deer scents out there, so which is best? Let’s cover why we think Redmond’s Apple and Cherry field sprays are truly the bomb.

Redmond Cherry and Apple Bomb Spray

The Bomb comes in the same scents as our popular Cherry and Apple Bomb deer supplements but in a high-powered field spray. It masks other scents and entices deer into locations you choose to leverage circumstances in your favor. Here’s how Bomb Spray gives you an advantage:

  • It’s a double threat; it works defensively and offensively as both a cover scent and attractant to draw deer in.
  • Irresistible Cherry and Apple scents smell amazing to deer and people—try both!
  • Bomb is a scent-only attractant, so it’s legal to use during hunting season in most every state.
  • Gives you an upper hand and helps you successfully attract, hold, and harvest hard-to-hunt bucks.
  • Pairs great with Bomb fortified supplement and deer attractant.

Apple Bomb Spray deer cover scent.

6 Hunting Tips Using the Bomb

You don’t have to be at the mercy of a whitetail’s powerful snout. Arm yourself with Bomb Spray and add another effective tool to your scent control arsenal. Applying these suggestions will help you use Bomb deer scent and attractant to your best advantage.

1. Double the Power

Bomb can be effectively used alone, but it works best in alliance with Cherry or Apple Bomb granular protein attractant. Deer go nuts for our supplement, and once they’re familiar with its scent, their nose will also follow where the spray leads. Find tips here on how to best use Bomb fortified attractant.

2. Refresh Mineral Sites

Already using Bomb protein supplement at your mineral site? The spray works great as a refresher to pump up the scent and keep deer coming back. Just apply a few squirts to foliage, stumps, or trees next to your site.

3. Play the Wind

Got wind? Bomb Spray can make it work in your favor. Use the spray to test wind direction, mask your scent in a shifting or swirling wind, and carry its irresistible smell on the breeze into deer bedding areas or travel corridors.  Check out this blog for ideas on how to hunt with wind.


4. Cover Your Tracks

Bomb Spray has your back Spraying it in your boot tracks beginning about 50 yards from your stand will cover your human scent going in and often lead Bomb-loving deer in a straight line to your stand.

5. Over Land and Air

Before getting into your stand, spray it on the ground at a location you want deer to stop and smell it to get a clean kill shot. From your stand, spray a light mist in the air and on your tree to get the aroma up higher and into the airstream.

6. Don’t Overdo It

Bomb spray is potent, so it’s aroma will linger and carry a good distance. Squirt conservatively, as a little goes a long way—and deer may avoid a smell that’s very strong, even if it’s familiar. Reapplying it every 30 minutes will keep the scent fresh and pull deer in from afar. Also, only use Bomb spray on hunt day if you’ve previously introduced it or the supplement to deer. A new smell, even an enticing one, may cause uncertainty for wary whitetail if it’s introduced suddenly.

Get Your Game On

Ready to get your hands on some Bomb before your next big hunt? Pick it up right here at our Redmond online store. Find two-pack bottles of Apple or Cherry Bomb Spray, or Bomb supplement and Spray combos. Bomb will help you cover your scent, attract and hold deer, and keep you squarely in the game.


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