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In-the-Field Comparison of 3 Liquid Deer Mineral Attractants

Ryan Fair May 31, 2023

Liquid deer attractants offer hunters convenience and instant results. Learn which product emerged as the best liquid deer attractant during a five-week test.

In this blog, Ryan Fair, avid outdoorsman, photographer, and published writer, breaks down how three top liquid deer attractants stack up against each other. Ryan's main writing focus is hunting and fishing tactics and writing reviews on products he believes in.

In spring 2023, I set up several new mineral sites to compare three of the top liquid deer mineral attractants on the market. I placed cellular trail cams over each site and eagerly monitored the results for five weeks.

Minerals are a crucial part of a whitetail's diet and a staple in my hunting and herd management plan. They help balance diets high in greens and support antler growth in bucks and lactation in does. Setting up a site—whether with liquid minerals or another form—is a great way to promote healthier herds.

So which liquid mineral attractant did deer prefer? Let's get to the details of the experiment! I’ll report on exactly what I discovered and which products came out on top. But first, let's cover why I found liquid minerals to be a convenient option at my sites.

When to Use Liquid vs. Other Minerals

Historically, I have always used 15-pound Trophy Rocks at my mineral sites. They work great. But in the last few years, I've gained access to new hunting locations with limited access that require walking a fair distance. While 15 pounds may not seem like much to heft, after packing in several rocks over a mile back to the timber, I’m feeling it.

This spring I started exploring new options and discovered deer liquid attractants. In the past, I knew that deer would continue to visit my sites long after a Trophy Rock was gone because of the residual minerals that leach into the soil. I figured if liquid products work the same way, it could make setting up distant sites easier and more efficient.

During this experiment, I was able to easily tote in deer attractant liquid by attaching the gallon jugs to my pack. In my opinion, liquid is perfect for folks with long hikes back to where they want to make a mineral site. The convenience alone is worth trying a liquid mineral!

Deer Cane Liquid, Ani-Logics Mineral Dirt, and Liquid Trophy Rock deer minerals.Three liquid mineral deer attractants tested against each other during a five-week experiment.

Lineup of Deer Liquid Attractants Tested

Okay, let’s start with the competitors. Below are the three liquid deer mineral products I used for a head-to-head comparison. Included are the products' specs and what the manufacturers claim makes them effective.

  • Redmond Liquid Trophy Rock: Same 60+ mined and balanced trace minerals in original Trophy Rock, but in liquid form. Natural sweet-and-salty flavor and molasses scent pull deer from afar.
  • Ani-Logics Mineral Dirt 180: Scientifically formulated mix containing four chelated microminerals to facilitate antler growth. Includes Ani-Shield TX4, designed to support immunity and health.
  • Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Liquid: Habit-forming, beneficial mineral attractant. Active minerals react with moisture to release vapors that attract deer.

Setting Up the Sites

Next, let’s reveal how I set up the mineral sites. I selected two separate wooded areas and created three new sites in each location. The sites within both areas were close together, so deer had a variety of mineral options to choose from. Here is how I set up the sites and how to use liquid deer attractant for great results.

Test Area 1

  • Located three dead stumps about a foot high
  • Stumps were situated approximately 40 yards apart and located off main trails
  • Soaked each stump with one liquid mineral product

Test Area 2

  • Located and cleared three sites down to bare dirt
  • All sites were approximately 40 yards apart and located off main trails
  • Made a small indentation in the ground to help hold the liquid, then poured one product directly into the dirt at each site

When creating the sites, I used a whole jug of product, shaking it thoroughly before pouring it out. Both types of setups worked well, and in my opinion, the only reason you’d choose one method over the other is personal preference.

The Results of the Experiment

Once the sites were set up, I tested all three products for five weeks, refreshing the sites twice during the experiment. Each product had an attractant that drew deer initially, but as time wore on, one product stood out over the rest. Find out which one, and the results of the test highlighted week by week, below.

Benefits comparison of Liquid Trophy Rock, Ani-Logics Dirt Mineral, and Deer Cane liquid minerals.

Week 1

As the trail camera pictures started rolling in, I was surprised. During the first few days, deer hit all three mineral sites equally in both areas. Multiple deer visited each site multiple times throughout the night. Honestly, I began to wonder how I would compare the products without saying they all worked the same.

Week 2

As the second week ended, so did the frequency of deer visiting the Deer Cane sites. The other sites with Liquid Trophy Rock and Ani-Logics were still frequented regularly.

Week 3

Week three produced similar results to week two: Liquid Trophy Rock and Ani-Logics were the only sites visited daily.

Week 4

As week four began, I noticed some key changes taking place. Deer began visiting the Liquid Trophy Rock sites during daylight hours (in addition to nighttime), and more than once or twice per day. At one point, deer visited seven different times in 24 hours. I also noticed they were visiting the Ani-Logics sites less and less.

Week 5

Week five had the same trending results as week four, with Trophy Rock now the preferred mineral site of the local deer herd.

5 Key Findings

Every hunter, from the weekend warrior to the dedicated land manager, would benefit from creating a mineral site and incorporating a liquid product. Here are five findings I took away from my comparison of three of the top liquid deer minerals:

  1. Sometimes liquid is more efficient. A jug of liquid minerals has an enormous advantage over a rock, block, or bagged mineral when you have any kind of distance to walk.
  2. Any mineral site is better than none. I say this because deer visited all three sites within days of putting out minerals. That tells me deer do seek out minerals to balance their diets.
  3. Quality and quantity of minerals matter. After the deer located and tested the sites, it seemed the quality and quantity of minerals were what brought them back time and again. Not only are there 60 mined trace minerals in Liquid Trophy Rock, but it's packed with salt, calcium, phosphorous, and sodium—minerals deer both crave and need.
  4. A seasoned site brings more visits. As time passed and deer felt more comfortable, the frequency they visited their preferred sites increased. Regular visits to a mineral site are crucial when trying to pattern deer or take inventory of the local population.
  5. Stock up on batteries if you use Liquid Trophy Rock. The deer loved this stuff so much that I had to change my upload frequency time on my cell cams from every two hours to every six hours to combat battery drain. To me, that's a good problem to have!

Whitetail deer seek out Trophy Rock minerals at all hours of the day and night.

My Pick for Best Liquid Deer Mineral & Attractant

I never thought I would find a mineral that attracted and benefited deer as well as original Trophy Rock. But after this experiment, I now put as much faith in Liquid Trophy Rock as I do in the rock itself. It’s not only perfect for hard-to-get-to mineral sites, but also freshens existing Trophy Rock sites. After thorough testing, Liquid Trophy Rock is the deer mineral liquid I will use again in the future and recommend to others.


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Ryan FairRyan Fair is an avid outdoorsman, photographer, and published writer. He is passionate about chasing whitetails, turkeys, and waterfowl. If he's not hunting, you can find him on his boat with a rod in his hand. His main writing focus is hunting and fishing tactics and writing reviews on products he believes in. In 2013 he co-founded Whitetail Junkys. He resides in northwest Ohio with his wife and two daughters. Find him at, or on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

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