Land Managers Share the Dirt on Planting Deer Food Plots

Redmond Hunt - April 25, 2024

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Trail cameras are great tools for deer scouting and hunting. Learn here how to use the best settings on a trail camera.

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Placing a game or trail camera near your deer mineral site helps you capture the best pictures of wildlife.

Cellular Trail Cameras: Benefits and Best Models

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Learn how to run a deer inventory and trail cam survey on whitetails using Redmond Trophy Rock products as an attractant.

Trail Camera Surveys: Collecting Intel on Whitetails 

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Cooking venison kielbasa over an outdoor propane stove.

Lights-Out Venison Kielbasa, Potatoes, and Sauerkraut Recipe

Redmond Hunt - June 15, 2023

Liquid Trophy Rock came out on top in a test of three deer liquid attractants.

In-the-Field Comparison of 3 Liquid Deer Mineral Attractants

Ryan Fair - May 31, 2023

Redmond Trophy Rock products include a natural deer block and rock salt for deer with 60+ balanced minerals.

Salt Block for Deer, Mineral Block, or Mined Rock?

Redmond Hunt - April 28, 2023

Trusted Trophy Rock is the best-selling mineral salt lick for deer on the market.

Trophy Rock vs. Knockoff Mineral Rocks for Deer—Is there a Difference?

Redmond Hunt - April 17, 2023

Choose a small, open area on the edge of cover for your deer mineral site. Add an attractant like Trophy Rock to attract deer.

How to Start a Deer Mineral Site that Delivers Results

Redmond Hunt - April 12, 2023

Minerals play an essential role in the development and growth of healthy and big antlers. Learn the best way to supplement deer for maximum antler size.

3 Critical Factors that Fuel Deer Antler Growth

Redmond Hunt - March 21, 2023

Try out our new Redmond Hunt recipe for frying morel mushrooms.

Foraging and Frying Morel Mushrooms | Redmond Hunt Recipes

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No big deer on your trail cam? Learn how to attract deer and how often to check trail cameras for better results.

Top 6 Trail Camera Frustrations SOLVED (By Experts)

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Deer benefit from the 60+ trace minerals found in Redmond Trophy Rock mineral lick.

Redmond Hunt History: How Trophy Rock Was Made

Redmond Hunt - February 3, 2023

Layered winter hunting clothes with a base layer, mid layer, and outer shell help hunters stay warm while hunting.

How to Stay Warm Hunting & Prevent Hypothermia & Frostbite

Redmond Hunt - December 9, 2022

Are you getting burned out on hunting? Get back your love of hunting by taking a break during deer season or hunting something new.

How to Beat the Deer Hunting Blues

Redmond Hunt - November 18, 2022

This pot pie recipe with chukar is a tasty way to cook up any combination of upland game birds.

Upland Game Bird Pot Pie | Redmond Hunt Recipes

Redmond Hunt - November 18, 2022

Submit your story in our Redmond deer hunting contest to win cool prizes and lots of likes!

Redmond Hunt Story | Tagging the Biggest Whitetail of 2022

Redmond Hunt - November 16, 2022

Learn how to make venison stew with this homestyle Redmond recipe.

Savory Dutch Oven Venison Stew | Redmond Hunt Recipes

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Following a deer mineral and attractant schedule helps you provide deer the nutrition they need during every season.

Seasonal Deer Food Sources & Mineral Schedule

Redmond Hunt - March 23, 2022

Learn here how to supplement deer minerals to promote better land management and deer health.

Minerals and Supplements for Deer Herd Management

Redmond Hunt - March 15, 2022

Our flavorful Redmond Hunt venison smoked jerky recipe is a tasty way to utilize deer meat.

Sweet & Spicy Smoked Venison Jerky | Redmond Hunt Recipes

Redmond Hunt - February 18, 2022

Trophy Rock trace mineral salt for deer has over 60 beneficial minerals.

Trophy Rock: What Does 60+ Deer Minerals Mean?

Redmond Hunt - February 9, 2022