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Redmond Hunt History: How Trophy Rock Was Made

Redmond Hunt February 3, 2023

Redmond Hunt has offered deer supplements for 17 years, but our history goes much deeper. Learn where Trophy Rock minerals come from and where it's mined.

At Redmond Hunt, we have a proud 16-year history of bringing you natural mineral rocks for deer. Since then, we've added more products that expand your ability to improve the land, provide quality herd management, and keep critters coming back to your property. But did you know our our history goes far deeper than 17 years?

Wthought you’d like to know exactly where your Four65 and Trophy Rock minerals come fromand the incredible forces of nature that created them.  So let’s peel back the layers of time and sediment and expose what's underground in our Redmond mineral mine and what Trophy Rock is made of. Let’s rock some Redmond Hunt history!

History of Our Mineral Deposit

Geologists estimate 200 million years of natural forces created our Jurassic Period mineral deposit in Redmond, Utah. Curious how it happened? 

Long ago the area of central Utah was under seawater. At some point a volcano erupted in the region and ash settled into the bottom of the ancient Sundance Sea. When the waters dried up, a pristine and colorful mineral deposit remained, protected by a layer of sodium bentonite. 

Through the ages humans and animals have utilized this rich depositLivestock and deer grazed the minerals and vegetation. Native Americans mined and traded the salt with other tribesAnd years later two brothers farming the area were forced into the salt business when a drought hit and crops failed. The two took up pick and axe and began a hard-rock mining venture that’s still going strong. 

Timeline of the Redmond Salt Mine where Trophy mineral rock is mined.Our Redmond Salt Mine Today

The Redmond mine began as an open pit mine in 1958. For the past 32 years, however, we’ve been tunneling underground, drilling rock salt from the earth and hauling out nearly 4,000 tons a day.

There are 14 miles of tunnels to navigate in the mine. So, let’s climb in one of our 70-ton haul trucks and begin a descent down.

Inside the mine it stays a moderate 45-60 ℉. The 80 x 30-foot tunnels are open and airy, but without the glow of headlights, it’s as black as ink. Our stacked tunnels zigzag into the mine and descend four levels, or 480 feet, underground.

We use a drill-and-blast method to remove mineral rock from the mine. First, we drill into the face and break the salt into large chunks. It's then crushed, loaded, and hauled to the surface to sort, package, and ship to you.

Founding Trophy Rock & Redmond Hunt

Since the Redmond mine opened over six decades agolivestock and humans have benefited from and loved our mineral salt. Sixteen years ago, we realized deer love it too—and Trophy Rock was born.  

Like the deer we hunt on our lands, we harvest our rocks straight from nature. They’re not heat-manufactured, processed, or dyed. We deliver Redmond Trophy Rock and Four65 in the same natural and unrefined state it existed undergroundjust in rugged chunks or crushed pelletsAnd the same 60+ trace minerals and electrolytes naturally found in our rock are still intact in each product. 

Three years ago, Trophy Rock rebranded to Redmond Hunt to facilitate bringing you more great products and gear. We’re still the same company, same people, same mine and deer mineral rocks you love—just under a new name. 

At Redmond Hunt, we’re proud of our deep roots and mined-in-America rocks. Mostly we’re proud to bring you quality products made by nature that replenish the land and help deer grow.  

Tour the Redmond mine and experience the journey a Trophy Rock takes from our mine to your mineral site!

Going Beyond the Rock

Now that you know our history and where your Trophy Rocks come from, we're ready to give you more! Look for informative blogs and awesome videos on our Redmond Hunt YouTube channel that go beyond the Rock. We'll pass on timely hunting tips and cover interesting topics geared to expand your ability to grow bigger, better bucks and rock the hunt—and have a heck of a lot of fun doing it.


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