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Salt Block for Deer, Mineral Block, or Mined Rock?

Redmond Hunt April 28, 2023

In this post, we break down how deer salt blocks, deer mineral blocks, Redmond block, and Trophy Rock differ to help you pick which will work best for you.

Some of us have a sweet tooth while others crave salty stufflike a perfectly cured piece of venison jerky. Deer have a natural craving for both. However, they need salt, and an abundance of other minerals, for optimum health. That's why it makes sense we use mineral licks to attract whitetails to our lands.

Today, as a good hunter and steward, you want to attract deer and provide quality supplements that nourish and help your herd grow. But what kind of salt block, mineral block, or lick does that best? Deer licks come in three basic forms: white salt blocks, pressed mineral blocks, and natural mineral salt rocks. Let's cover each to help you decide which is right for your herd and mineral site. 

Salt block, mineral block, mined rock for horses

Supplementing Deer Mineral Licks

Early spring is a great time to put out salt or mineral blocks for deer. Whitetails crave salt more in spring and summer, when water and potassium are high in lush green vegetation, than at any other time of year. Salt is also an effective carrier to provide dozens of other minerals that improve health, body and antler growth, and trophy potential. That's why salt shouldn't be the only factor you look for or assume whitetails want when choosing a lick. So what is the best deer block or rock to help you get the most bang for your buck?

Pressed White Salt Block 

Simple white salt blocks contain the sodium chloride deer crave with increased water and potassium uptake in spring—but that’s it. No other beneficial nutrients. While straight salt is somewhat effective as an attractant in spring and summer, during fall deer’s hankering for it drops and so will visits to these sites.

Also, salt without other balanced minerals may create kidney and vascular problems if deer consume too much. While salt alone may temporarily attract, it does little to nourish, increase rack size, or improve your herd's overall health. 

white salt block for deer


  • Provides salt
  • May attract during spring and summer


  • Contains no additional nutrients to improve health
  • Too much salt intake without other balanced minerals may create health problems
  • Won't attract year-round

Pressed Deer Mineral Block 

Most manufactured mineral blocks contain salt and additional added nutrients. These often include calcium and phosphorous—which support bone and antler development—and other minerals like copper, zinc, cobalt, magnesium, or manganese. Targeted vitamins A, D, and E are also often added, and almost all include scents, flavors, and sweeteners to attract.

Choosing a mineral block over white salt is generally a step up. However, not all mineral blocks are created equal. Most manufactured blocks only contain around seven minerals and may not deliver the full spectrum of balanced nutrients both bucks and does need for optimum growth and health. Some blocks also have unnecessary fillers or ingredients.

If you select a block, check the ingredients to ensure it meets your expectations. The best mineral blocks for deer offer a complete package of nutrients in balanced ratios. Also monitor how much it's being used at your site, as deer may ignore blocks due to palatability or missing minerals they're seeking.

mineral block for deer

Natural Trophy Rock Block

If you're a fan of Redmond Trophy Rock but also like the option of a quality block at your site, new Trophy Rock Block is a win-win. It combines the same expansive mineral profile of Trophy Rock with the cost-effective value of a block. Sixty-plus balanced trace minerals, including calcium and phosphorous, improve overall health and growth. And with just three ingredientsunrefined mineral salt, apple aroma, and molasses—it's also a natural choice. Combined, Trophy Rock Block's essential minerals and powerful long-range aroma attract, nourish animals, and quickly activate a site. 


  • 60+ balanced minerals
  • Powerful scent and year-round attractant
  • No artificial flavors, dyes, or sweeteners
  • Quickly activates a mineral site
  • Good value per pound
  • Natural and palatable


  • No added vitamins

Mineral Salt Rocks for Deer

Mineralized salt rocks are mined from the ground and sold in their natural, dense state. Rock salts are arguably the superior choice and the best mineral lick for deer among all supplements. They contain dozens of trace minerals formed and balanced by nature. And most are also naturally chelated (attached) to organic nutrients found in ancient sea beds. Studies show these chelated minerals are more bioavailable (better able to be absorbed) in animals than from manufactured sources.

Mineral salt also has a potent scent to attract deer, particularly when wet. And in taste tests, most prefer salt rocks over manufactured blocks. Deer will lick mineral rocks year-round and seek the nutrients they provide during every life phase. 

Trophy Rock salt for deer

Natural Trophy Rock Mineral Lick

Redmond Trophy Rock is the trusted, all-natural supplement both deer and hunters love. Our mined rocks are harvested from a prehistoric mineral deposit in Utah, USA, by miners also dedicated to managing and attracting deer with quality and dependable products.

Trophy Rock ingredients are simple: just unrefined mineral salt. The abundance of 60+ chelated trace minerals aid antler growth, immune health, reproduction, fetal growth, milk production, and digestion. Natural Trophy Rock licks keep your trail cameras busy and provide deer with the bioavailable trace minerals they need, in the way nature intended, for optimal health and growth. (Get tips here on how to best use Trophy Rock.)


  • Solid, mined salt rocks
  • 60+ chelated minerals balanced by nature
  • Nutrients come in the same form deer find them in the wild
  • Natural year-round attractant
  • No added flavors, dyes, or sweeteners
  • Preferred by most deer in taste tests
  • Withstands wet weather better than most blocks


  • No added vitamins

Nourish & Attract Deer with Trophy Rock Products

Looking for quality supplements to attract and nourish your herd year-round, including during winter? Natural Redmond Trophy Rock products are a solid choice. Three options give you the versatility to activate your site: Trophy Rock, Trophy Rock Block, or Trophy Rock Four65 granular minerals. (Watch the Redmond Hunt video below to learn more about when and how to use a rock or block with granular minerals.)

With Redmond, deer receive all the essential minerals they need, and you get healthier herds and better hunting results. Click below to shop our quality deer supplements today.


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